HuSArctic mid-term conference

More than 15 different nationalities represented, with young researchers and scholars coming from all over the world to discuss Arctic-related issues. This has been the exceptional outcome of the 3 days International Conference on Human Security in the Barents Region, organized by the HuS Arctic research group in three different location (Rovaniemi, Enontekiö and Kautokeino).

The main aim of the project is to address the challenges that people living in the Arctic must face, from human security perspective. In this sense, the participation of many scholars and researcher with different backgrounds and from different countries has resulted in an added-value for the success of the conference, as well as for the quality of the research that has been conducted so far.

As a matter of fact, having discussions about food security, protection of the Arctic environment and its non-economic value, securitization of the Arctic, management of natural resource and disaster management due to climate change and exploitation projects in the region, has given a glance about the challenges that the Arctic region must face. 

The outcomes and papers presented in this Conference will be an integral part of the proposed book on Human Security in the Barents Region, to which the HuS Arctic research group is working. Next appointment is for the next year final Conference, in which we will celebrate the launch of the book. Looking forward to see you all again!