HuSArctic researchers discussing on the interrelations between Cybersecurity and Human Security in a seminar in London

HuSArctic researchers Karmul Hossain, Mike Sheehan and Gerald Zojer participated in an EcoHuCy project seminar in London earlier this week. The seminar took place in the Cornwall room of the British Academy, on 18 September 2017.

The ECoHuCy project (“Enablement besides Constraints: Human Security and a Cyber Multi-disciplinary Framework in the European High North”) focuses on the interrelations of human security and cybersecurity, with a regional focus on the European High North. As Kamrul Hossain, the prinicpal investigator of both the HuSArctic and the ECoHuCy project pointed out in his opening speech, the idea to develop the ECoHuCy project was one of the outcomes from a discussion within the HuSArctic project. During this discussion the debaters identified a lack regarding the integration of digitization within the human security discourse, while emphasizing the particularities within the Europen High North. The EcoHuCy project was conseqently developed to address this gap.

During the project seminar the HuSArctic researchers presented their potential contributions to the ECoHuCy project. Kamrul Hossain’s talk was on “The evolving information-based society and its influence on traditional culture: framing community culture and human security of the Sámi in the European High North”; Mike Sheehan presented his work on “Deep and Concentrated Social Exclusion? Human Security and the Digital Divide in the European High North”; and Gerald Zojer presented on “Contextualizing cybersecurity as a domain of human well-being: The interconnectedness of digitization and human security in the European Arctic.”


More informaiton on the ECoHuCy project and a meeting report can found from the project’s website:


  • Meeting participants in staircase of British Academy building
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