HuSArctic seminar on food security

A food security seminar presented by HuSArctic on August 16th, 2016 was well regarded among attendees and invited guests. This one-day event brought a number of international researchers and individuals from the food sector who presented on a wide range of issues related to food in the Barents Region. Participants listened attentively during the morning session on thoughts of food security and food sovereignty; local food products of Finnish Lapland; the legal and policy tools for strengthening food security; traditional foods and their relevance; heavy metals in food; and lastly, characteristics of agriculture in Finnish Lapland. These presentations were then followed up with an afternoon brainstorming session lead by Riita Liisa Heikkinen-Moilanen. This session was important as it gathered some of the most prevailing issues of food security from the participants’ point of view. In concluding the conference, the group discussed future projects and possible funding opportunities that lie ahead and the next steps. All-in-all, it was important to have many food security experts together in one room in order to get acquainted and learn about current and future challenges and solutions with food security in the Barents Region.