HusArctic in Shanghai!

The HuSArctic lead, Prof. Kamrul Hossain and Dr. Dorothee Cambou one of the core project team member have given a talk at the International Symposium on Law and Governance: Emerging issues of the Polar regions held by the Center for Polar and Deep Ocean Development of Shanghai Jiao Tong University from 20- 21 June 2017 in Shanghai. The symposium had for main purpose to bring together scholars, experts and policymakers from all over the world to share the topics including: Climate change Impact on Arctic shipping and Resource Exploitation; New dynamics and relevant legal issues in the polar regions; Conservation of Marine Living Resources in the Polar Regions; Evolution and challenges of the polar governance regimes/systems; China's Role in the Polar Governance.

Prof. Hossain’s presentation – Climate Change and the Arctic Security: an Inter-Face Between High Politics and Soft Cooperation, underscored several challenges in the Arctic having implications for human security and the sustainable development of the region. Dr. Cambou presentation focused on the development of renewable energy in the Arctic and its impact on the human rights of indigenous peoples, more particularly those of the Sami people. Both presentations put emphasis on the need to account for the human security challenges faced by the population of the Barents region, including its indigenous communities, to promote societal security in the region.