Integrated governance of natural resources - law, policy and practices

The seminar on integrated governance of natural resources was held in Ilomantsi on 7-8 June 2016. The seminar was organized by the Institute for Natural Resources, Environment and Society, University of Eastern Finland.


The aim of the seminar was to bring together academic scholars to discuss integrated approaches to the governance of natural resources, and to analyze the means for integrating competing uses of natural resources based on the recent research. The focus of the seminar was especially mining and forestry activities, the sustainable integration thereof with other land use interests, and possible ways to mitigate conflicts arising from such activities. During the seminar, HuSArctic researcher Anna Petrétei gave a presentation about mining best practices in Northern Europe.


The seminar took place in the beautiful setting of Ilomantsi. After the seminar, participants had the opportunity to continue their discussion while taking a walk through diversified forests and wetland.