Meeting of mining and EIA researchers

The research seminar on mining and environmental impact assessment (EIA) brought together researchers from different countries and disciplines. The event was organized by the University of Eastern Finland on 7-8 May 2015. The Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law was represented by Anna Petrétei. Mining research is one of the core topics of the HuSArctic project, as extractive industrial activities are amongst the main security threats within our focus area.

The program started with an EIA workshop in Joensuu, where several presentations were given on different aspects of Finnish and Canadian EIA processes. The seminar continued in Ilomantsi, where mining and EIA researchers discussed the latest developments and future possibilities of their research. Anna Petrétei gave a presentation on the protection of rights of the Sami people from the adverse impacts of mining activities. Relevant national legislations, the practical implementation thereof, as well as future perspectives were addressed. The event was closed by a guided walk through diversified forests and wetland, while various issues related to mining research were discussed.