Publication by Dr. Kamrul Hossain in the "Polar Science"!

In his latest article entitled: “Securitizing the Arctic indigenous peoples: A community security perspective with special reference to the Sámi of the European high north”, Dr. Kamrul Hossain has examined the securitizing move by the Arctic indigenous peoples, in particular the Sámi of the European high north, to embrace non-traditional aspects of security, such as human and societal security. Whereas these aspects of security do play an important role in framing the larger security framework, he concludes that non-traditional as­pects of se­cu­rity re­main sub­ject to scrutiny by states and ex­ist in a ver­ti­cal struc­ture. The Sámi, there­fore, rely on af­fir­ma­tive ac­tions by states to en­joy greater rights to main­tain their com­mu­nity se­cu­rity.

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