Resource Fairness in the Arctic - Miguel Roncero's talk at the 'Tage der KSA' in Vienna

Tage der KSA 2015 and Resource Fairness in the Arctic


The 10th edition of the Vienna Anthropology Days or Tage der Kultur- und Sozialanthropologie took place from 23 to 25 April 2015. HuSArctic team member Dr Gertrude Eilmsteiner coordinated and chaired the Workshop B, titled “Arctic Life and Extractive Industries – A multi-disciplinary approach”, whereas J. Miguel Roncero, also member of the HuSArctic team, co-organized the workshop and delivered one of the presentations. The workshop revised from different disciplinary approaches such as Anthropology and Political Sciences the complex socioeconomic dynamics of resource extractivism in the Arctic. Miguel Roncero examined the different policies and strategies of the Arctic countries for the High North from a resource fairness approach, answering the following question: for whom is the development of Arctic resources? From a Human and Societal security perspective, resource extractivism may lead to quick yet unsustainable economic development. And often, local communities (including indigenous populations) see little of the cash flows that go hand-in-hand with the exploitation of mineral and other natural resources. Therefore, do the Arctic states take local populations into consideration when planning the economic development of and the exploitation of natural resources in the Arctic? That is the question that a resource-fairness approach answers.


Other presentations focused on Russia and its resource-dependent economy (delivered by Mr Felix Jaitner), socioeconomic and power relations between local indigenous populations and mining companies in the Yukon territory (by Ms Susanna Klara Gartler), and a historical overview of the extraction of natural resources in the Arctic in the 16th century (prepared by Dr Stefan Donecker but delivered by Dr Eilmsteiner). The workshop took place on 23 April at the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology of the University of Vienna.