Seminars in China – Anna Petrétei’s presentation

HuSArctic team member Anna Petrétei had the chance to join a doctoral school trip, and to attend several seminars in China.


The “Seminar on Rule of Law: A Dialogue between Chinese and Nordic Young Jurists” was held in Shanghai on 3-4 June 2015. The seminar took place in the Fudan University Law School, and in the Nordic Center of Fudan University. During the seminar, Anna gave a presentation on the rights and future perspectives of the Sami people related to mining activities. The growing need for natural resources has resulted in the significant expansion of extractive industrial activities in all across the Northern regions. Despite the positive effect on local economies, these industries cause negative impacts not only on the environment, but also on indigenous livelihoods. Traditional livelihoods are not only a source of food for indigenous peoples, but also the part of their heritage and culture. The problem is clearly visible within Sami territories in the North, where mines and other development projects have been recently established, endangering traditional Sami ways of living.


Anna also participated at the “7th Sino-Finnish International seminar on Comparative Law: Rule of Law and Protection of Rights” (Beijing, 6 June 2015, held at the Institute of Law, Chinese Academy of Social Science) and attended the “Doctoral Seminar on Human Rights and Environmental Justice” (Peking University Law School, 7 June 2015).