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Publication type Author(s) Publication Title
Newsletters & Reports Katarzyna Lisińska & Harsh Barala A brief report on the International Conference on Human and Societal Security in the Circumpolar Arctic with specific focus on the Barents region: Environment, Sustainability and Development
Articles Jenanne Ferguson, Laura Siragusa Introduction: Language Sustainability in the Circumpolar North
Articles Laura Siragusa Secrecy and Sustainability: How Concealment and Revelation Shape Vepsian Language Revival
Newsletters & Reports HuSArctic HuSArctic Newsletter Issue 2/2016
Articles Kamrul Hossain, Gerald Zojer, Wilfrid Greaves, J. Miguel Roncero and Michael Sheehan Constructing Arctic security: an inter-disciplinary approach to understanding security in the Barents region
Newsletters & Reports Katarzyna Lisińska and Marcin Dymet Workshop report: Globalization and food security in the Barents Region
Books Editors: Kamrul Hossain, Anna Petrétei Understanding the Many Faces of Human Security - Perspectives of Northern Indigenous Peoples
Articles Damian Castro, Kamrul Hossain & Carolina Tytelman Arctic ontologies: reframing the relationship between humans and rangifer
Newsletters & Reports Kamrul Hossain, Anna Petrétei Interacting with Stakeholders: Society and Human Security
Newsletters & Reports HuSArctic Stakeholder Meeting Report


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