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The book gives a comprehensive analysis of vulnerabilities, challenges and needs that the Barents population experiences today or may encounter in the future. In the book, researchers provide recommendations for new strategies to tackle insecurity and improve the wellbeing of both indigenous and local communities.


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There has been very little documented research conducted on food security in the Barents region when compared to other areas of the Arctic, such as Canada and Alaska. The authors specified that food security in the Arctic-Barents region is subject to a plurality of conditions attributable to the heterogeneity of the territory and national contexts that influence the governance of these territories.


The HuSArctic Project gladly announces the publication of the book entitled “Understanding the Many Faces of Human Security: Perspectives of Northern Indigenous Peoples”. The book is published by Brill Academic Publishers (Leiden / Boston) as part of its Studies in International Minority and Group Rights series. Edited by Dr Kamrul Hossain and Anna Petrétei, the book addresses different aspects of human security challenges facing the indigenous peoples of the Arctic and sub-Arctic region.




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