About HuSArctic

HuSActic: Human Security as a promotional tool for societal security in the Arctic: Addressing Multiple Vulnerability to its Population with Specific Reference to the Barents Region.


HuSArctic was a four years long research project hosted in the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law, (Arctic Center, University of Lapland), and which ended in December 2018. The project was supported by the Academy of Finland with a grant of 550.000 €.

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New publication on: Society, Environment and Human Security in the Arctic Barents Region

The book gives a comprehensive analysis of vulnerabilities, challenges and needs that the Barents population experiences today or may encounter in the future.

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book cover New publication on Food Security Governance in the Arctic-Barents Region

There has been very little documented research conducted on food security in the Barents region when compared to other areas of the Arctic, such as Canada and Alaska. The authors specified that food security in the Arctic-Barents region is subject to a plurality of conditions attributable to the heterogeneity of the territory and national contexts that influence the governance of these territories.

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conference participants sitting around large table, listening to presentation Numerous HuSArctic researchers attending Rovaniemi conference on digitalization in the European High North

HuSArctic researcher were well presented at the ECoHuCy conference in Rovaniemi on May 24 and 25. The ECoHuCy project (“Enablement besides Constraints: Human Security and a Cyber Multi-disciplinary Framework in the European High North”) focuses on the interrelations of human security and cybersecurity, with a regional focus on the European High North.

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Volume 5 of the Current Developments in Arctic Law is out!

UArctic Thematic Network on Arctic Law has published the fifth volume of the Current Developments in Arctic Law. The annual publication of the Network endeavors to present short updates on

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Workshop on Food (in)Security in the Arctic

The Nordic Council of Ministers funded project: “The Food (in)Security in the Arctic: Contribution of Traditional and Local Food to promote Food Security with Particular Reference to the European H

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