Dr. Kamrul Hossain represented HuSArctic at the NordForsk workshop 'Society, integrity and cyber security'

Dr. Kamrul Hossain represented HuSArctic at the Workshop “Society, integrity and cyber security” held at the Thistle City Barbican Hotel in London from 12-13 May 2015. A brief summary of the event.

In order to develop an international research funding call addressing current debates surrounding the interface of cyber security with ethical, social and economic questions, NordForsk, in cooperation with Economic and Social Research Council of the UK and the national funding agency NWO of the Netherlands, has organized an international workshop in London. The workshop brought academic experts from variety of fields including social science, humanities, technology, engineering and information security experts, as well as practitioners working in related areas.

The two-day program has identified numerous issues of importance surrounded by the discussions on how the technology dominated discipline of cyber security can be integrated with societal aspects. Who are the subjects of cyber security at societal level? How, in addition to data protection and privacy, society at large can be perceived as the subjects of threats? How can priorities be set to determine societal integrity and cyber security? Who are the stakeholders at the societal level that interact when cyber security is addressed? What are the opportunities and challenges in including stakeholders in research on societal aspects of cyber security? These questions have been discussed rather extensively in eight small groups, and conclusions of the discussions have been summarized concretely. Finally the participants have communicated their views on the possible commissioning of the funding call, where they delivered their conclusions, again based on the discussions in eight small groups, on the possible modes of funding structure, size, duration, infrastructure, end users etc. The discussions and recommendations were put together concisely in order for them to be endorsed while preparing the call in next fall 2015.

  • audience following a power point presentation
  • Print-out of the workshop programme