Numerous HuSArctic researchers attending Rovaniemi conference on digitalization in the European High North

HuSArctic researchers were well presented at the ECoHuCy conference in Rovaniemi on May 24 and 25. The ECoHuCy project (“Enablement besides Constraints: Human Security and a Cyber Multi-disciplinary Framework in the European High North”) focuses on the interrelations of human security and cybersecurity, with a regional focus on the European High North. The project was one of the outcomes from a discussion within a HuSArctic seminar, where the debaters identified a lack regarding the integration of digitalization within the human security discourse, while emphasizing the particularities within the European High North. The EcoHuCy project was consequently developed to address this gap.

Over the past years digitalization has been a rapid process which also affected the Arctic region. In the European High North the utilization of digital technologies has become integral of everyday life for most of its inhabitants. Consequently, digitalization also has societal security dimensions. This was well reflected in the strong representation of HuSArctic researchers during the ECoHuCy conference, in which HuSArctic researchers Kamrul Hossain, Stefan Kirchner, Laura Olsén, Mike Sheehan, and Gerald Zojer took part. Some of the topics they discussed where about how digitalization affects marginalized groups in the European High North, and how this may relate to social exclusion; whether or how a right to internet access is anchored in international law; or how open source software can promote human security in the region.

A conference report can be found here:


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