Newsletters & Reports

HuSArctic Newsletter Issue 2/2016

The second issue of the HuSArctic newsletter provides a brief overview over some of the activities that have been carried out in 2016, introduces some new project related publications, and some more project members and collaborators.

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Workshop report: Globalization and food security in the Barents Region

Report from HuSArctic workshop: “Globalization and food security in the Barents Region”, held at the Arctic Centre on 16 August 2016.

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Interacting with Stakeholders: Society and Human Security

What does the term security mean when it refers to promoting human welfare in Lapland? HuSArctic project has asked it from different stakeholders who take part in everyday business.

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Stakeholder Meeting Report

The Report highlights the most important issues discussed during the HuSArctic Stakeholder Meeting in April, bringing up the most pressing challenges from the viewpoint of different stakeholder groups.

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HuSArctic Newsletter Issue 1/2015

The first newsletter of the HuSArctic project is introducing the project, delivering a short report from the kick-off meeting and the first seminar, as well as containing the introduction of some of our researchers.

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